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Eco Friendly PVC Alternative – BioEdge® Edgebanding

BioEdge® Edgebanding is ideal for tables, office work stations or cabinetry.

BioEdge® Edgebanding is both a process and a product solution eliminating the use of oil and harmful chemicals, no longer needed to manufacture edgebanding. It’s a complete bio-replacement for PVC and ABS edgeband. BioEdge® Edgebanding is formulated from BioBest®, a patented proprietary plastic material made from sugar cane. BioPlastic Solutions’ products using BioBest™ bio resin are produced with 83%+ or greater of a proprietary bio-based resin blend, quickly making it the leading “green” solution in the industry and number one choice with our partners.

Eco Friendly PVC Alternative – BioEdge® Edgebanding

BioEdge® is a competitively priced alternative with a deep commitment eco-friendly, sustainability. Utilizing renewable resources such as corn or sugar cane grown domestically or abroad, BioEdge® is a manufacturing salute to locally sourced raw materials. An environmental alternative to petrochemical-based plastics, BioBest® puts our future eco system at the forefront of product development. The only known plastic extruder to utilize proprietary non-petroleum based polymer to produce durable products, BioPlastic Solutions provides custom plastic extrusion services to OEM’s, BioEdge® edgebanding, and other custom projects using BioBest® bio-resin technology.

Every solution customized by our partners focuses on performing better and lasting longer than oil-based alternatives, while offering locally-sourced green options perfect for LEED Certified requirements in the building and construction industries. In addition to meeting LEED Certified specifications, BioPlastic Solutions is positioned to help Eco-sensitive partners who are voluntarily looking for sustainable, alternative options as well.

Durable Plastic Edgebanding from Plants, Not Oil.

This biobased plastic alternative to PVC or ABS edgebanding is made from BioBest® Biopolymer. A tough and durable proprietary material, impervious to moisture and mechanically and thermally stable with a low smoke index. This product contains no known hazardous chemicals and emits no known toxic VOC’s.®
Bio-Edge material may be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC edgebanding. Bio-Edge material is  applied using standard edgebanding application equipment and adhesives so there is no extra work necessary or additional materials needed. Best of all, BioEdge® is competitively priced with PVC or ABS edgebanding.


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