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Why BioBest® Material

Competitively Priced, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Petroleum based Plastics

An environmental alternative to petrochemical-based plastics, BioBest® puts our future eco system at the forefront of product development. The only known plastic extruder to utilize proprietary non-petroleum based polymer to produce durable products, BioPlastic Solutions provides custom plastic extrusion services to OEM’s, BioEdge® edgebanding, and other custom projects using BioBest® bio-resin technology. Every solution customized by our partners focuses on performing better and lasting longer than oil-based alternatives, while offering locally-sourced green options perfect for LEED Certified requirements in the building and construction industries. In addition to meeting LEED Certified specifications, BioPlastic Solutions is positioned to help Eco-sensitive partners who are voluntarily looking for sustainable, alternative options as well.

BioBest® products are perfect for LEED Certified requirements

Non-Hazardous PVC Replacement

BioBest® products contain no PVC resin, have no formaldehyde added, and are not known to emit harmful VOC’s or generate any hazardous air pollutants in the manufacturing process or product application.

Sustainable and Natural Materials

BioBest® products are made from corn, which is renewable and domestically grown. PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is derived from corn, and its nature-based resin makes it a natural fit for eco-friendly products, manufacturing, and building.

Recyclable & Compostable Solutions

Products such as tables, work surfaces, office work stations, cabinetry, wall and corner guards, and injection molding projects made from BioBest® material are recyclable and compostable.

High Carbon Content

BioBest® material’s biobased carbon content can be over 80%, independently tested ASTM D6866 standard.

US Patent 7736560
US Patent 7867422

Our mission is to form a lasting partnership with our valued customers by understanding their challenges and creating solutions that address their needs. For more than 20 years our team has been providing exceptional service to our regional, national, and international clients.