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The leader in BioPlastic Solutions

BioPlastic Solutions, LLC is an industry leader in bioplastic engineering and the manufacturing of proprietary bio-based poly resins and products. Bio-Plastic Solutions bio-based innovations, and manufacturing of proprietary bio-based products and bio-based poly resins, are developed in collaboration with strategic partners.

Custom Extrusion

Start to finish custom profile extrusion product design and manufacturing for many industries.

BioEdge Edge Banding

Let Bio-Plastic Solutions help your company write your green story from recycled content to fully bio-based options.

Keder Solutions

BPS has the widest material offerings on the market to fit your needs in the display and retail world.

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“We have been a client of BPS for almost 10 years now. What started as an inventor’s idea has grown into a 5 million dollar business that would not have happened without the assistance and support of BPS and their teams. The staff are always professional and honest in every facet of our relationship and fosters an environment that is a win-win for both of us. Highly recommend Bio-Plastic Solutions for any extrusion projects.”
Greg Amundson
, Intstatrim
“Bio-plastic Solutions have been a long time vendor for us because they are very consistent in the product, delivery and pricing. If our production needs fluctuate unexpectedly, they always work with us to get what we need to make our orders, and they have developed contingency plans so they have material ready for us.”
Dan WIlliams
, Huot Manufacturing
“The team at Bio-plastic Solutions is great to work with – adaptable, creative and always stands by their work. These are essential qualities for our vendor partners as we service unique and complex set of customers and products. Bioplastic never lets me down.”
JP Palmer
, JJJ Specialty Company

BioComposite, BioBased Products for Eco Friendly Projects

Tomorrow’s progressive companies are turning to BioPlastic Solutions. Eco-friendly minded businesses are working with manufacturers looking for greener materials to complete eco-friendly projects trust us to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that avoid harmful chemicals. Learn more about our clients using our BioBest® Materials.


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Efficiently visualize proactive value with best-of-breed total linkage. Uniquely productize leveraged alignments whereas leveraged e-services. Holisticly deploy timely opportunities without cutting-edge value. Authoritatively integrate.

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Our Mission – To exceed expectations in quality, innovation and value through continuous improvement and customer interactions.  Our mission is based on actions and results, not words alone. Our Vision – BPS is a continually growing manufacturer committed to progressive excellence, ethical values, employee commitment, and quality. BPS will maximize talent, experience, and capital to create the “go-to-source” for innovation and diverse products and services, rewarding all stakeholders.