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Custom High Quality Door Sweeps

Bio Plastic Solutions offer both standard door sweep products as well as custom profile solutions for OEM needs.  Customer requirements and specific needs are met such as wall thickness or sealing solutions to ensure the door sweep meets performance expectations to block moisture, light, bugs, in climate weather.

Our entry door bottom sweeps are used by many OEM entry door accounts and used to seal the area under a door. These sweeps are easily replaceable by homeowners with hand tools.  Bio Plastic Solutions offers many different variations of door sweeps to meet common sealing needs for your entry door.

Door bottom sweeps are used to provide a seal in the area under the entry door panel and are pressed against the threshold sill. Our door sweeps are created for both interior and exterior application for both commercial and residential doors and are a cost-effective way to minimize airflow below the door as well as light and noise transfer between rooms. Door sweeps will act as an insulation layer to help maintain consistent air temperature within a room, create a seal against various bugs and insects as well as reduce moisture, potentially helping to lower your utility bill by conserving energy costs.

While a typical door panel uses a 1-5/8” to 1-3/4” wide sweep, there are several variations of mounting to the door panel as well as variations of the flexible sealing areas that help create a better seal. These variation details are highlighted below.

Door Sweep Mounting Variables

Kerf style, typical is double insert kerf molded and two grooves cut into the bottom of the door panel.  Usually with legs at 7/8” on center for most doors.  The kerf mounted door sweep inserts into the double groove opening at the bottom of the door’s panel.  A little adhesive or staple to each end is used to provide additional holding power where insert legs are not present.

Staple on or tape style, this is a flat backed door sweep designed to mount flat on the bottom surface of the door panel. It is secured with double face tape, staples or another adhesive.


Slide on style, this is designed for metal doors that have horizontal ‘ear’ mounts formed into the bottom of the door panel. Simply slide the sweep into the “ear” mounts.


Shoe style, this U-shape design is intended to fit over the bottom of the door panel and uses slotted screw mounts on the interior side of the panel to adjust the height and sealing of the sweep against the threshold sill.


Door Sweep Sealing Shapes

4-fin, this design incorporates 4 sealing fins that rest at various points at the bottom of the door panel and against the threshold. The design is reversible for right or left hand exterior opening doors.

Combination single/dual bulb and fins. The design allows the bulb to seal against the threshold.  This design is reversible for right or left hand exterior opening doors.