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Keder Strip Gasket for SEG systems

Keder Gasket Edging that are Customizable, Durable, Portable & Lightweight

SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) systems are quickly becoming the industry norm for advertising, retail and show displays. The lightweight and portable systems are fully customizable and provide a modern look for a wide variety of uses. BioPlastic Solutions provides custom solutions with a PVC or TPE/TPV alternative to silicone gaskets to be sewn in to the fabric and frames.

What is an SEG System?

Silicone Edge Graphics Systems are fabric graphics systems with a modern finish for displays in both stationary/retail and movable trade show and presentation displays for a clean professional look. BPS’s Keder strip gasket can be sewn directly into the fabric graphics to be used in all standard framing systems as well as most custom systems. BPS produces a range of gasket sizes to best fit your company’s frame and sewing systems needs.


Keder Gasket Solutions & it’s Real World Uses

Retail stores and trade show display designers recognize that Silicone Edge Graphics are a simple form of signage for displays worldwide.  They are customizable and easy for anyone to install. Brands including Target, H&M, Apple and AT&T. 

Silicone Edge Graphics frames and displays are a top pick for pop up events and trade show. The fabric signage is customizable, easy to transport and can be used repeatedly.


Advantages with BioPlastic Solutions

  • Manufactured in USA at our production facility
  • Working directly with manufacturer (BPS) and not the middle man or through distribution
  • Standard sizes kept on hand for quick turnaround
  • Competitive pricing structure including extensive discounts for volume ordering
  • Custom options for both size and materials (hardness, flexibility etc.)
  • Equipment to hold tolerance and accuracy equal to or better than industry standards for both automated and manual sewing systems.

To request more information on our Keder solutions with Silicone Edge Graphics or other Keder  gasket options please request more information.

BPS Keder for SEG (Measurements & Material)

Not all sizes and materials are kept in inventory at any given time. Please contact BPS for stock on sizes and materials.

Size Feet/spool
2mm X 12mm 750
2mm X 14mm 600
2.5mm X 12mm 500
3mm X 13.33mm 500
3mm X 14mm 500
3mm X 15mm 400
3.5mm X 12mm 400
3mm X 6mm 750
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