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BioPlastic Solutions Products and Services


BioPlastic Solutions is a perfect partner for…

Architects, manufacturers, contractors, and/or companies looking for bio-based materials for green projects. BioPlastics is a solution for LEED Certified project specs and RFP’s requiring renewable, locally sourced materials.

With a wide range of products, services and fully customizable extrusion options for your client’s needs, Bioplastic Solutions can accommodate almost any project large or small for a variety of uses.

If you feel Bioplastic Solutions may be a fit for an upcoming or rethinking of a current project, click here

Custom Profile Plastic Extrusion

Our custom profile plastic extrusion is a full service shop that can take your project from start to finish. From tooling/engineering to shipping a finished product we make concepts a reality based on our clients’ vision and requirements.

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BioEdge(R) Edgebanding

Our patented and proprietary edgebanding made from our BioBest material, our bioedge is competitive with all of the products currently on the market, while also providing green, non PVC based material for eco-friendly projects.

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Keder Strip Production & PVC Edge Graphics

Cost effective alternative to silicone edge graphic strips for aluminum frame signage and light boxes. Our product performs similarly to existing silicone edge strips in durability and ease in stitching. Manufactured here in the United States.

Custom Door Sweeps

Our door sweeps are created for both interior and exterior application for both commercial and residential doors and are a cost effective way to help reduce airflow below the door as well as reduce both light and noise transfer between rooms.

Custom Profile and Product Development

Contact us with any ideas your company needs help developing. Beginning from the design stage, we have many partners from our own extrusion to injection molding and thermoforming to help with your ideas and our own team can help all the way from tooling through completed product.

Our mission is to form a lasting partnership with our valued customers by understanding their challenges and creating solutions that address their needs. For more than 20 years our team has been providing exceptional service to our regional, national, and international clients.