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Eco-friendly and Sustainable Custom Profile Plastic Extrusion

BPS Custom plastic extrusions specializes in manufacturing custom plastic extrusion profiles in all thermoplastic material types. BioPlastic Solutions manufactures proprietary and custom profile plastic extrusions for exterior and interior applications for a wide variety of customers. We are a family-owned company located in southern Minnesota for the last 20 years that loves to work with small and large customers alike.

We take the time to listen to our customer’s needs. BPS works together to select the appropriate material, critical design elements and develop a cost-effective solution to provide the best custom profile plastic extrusion in Minnesota.  Our customers receive unparalleled quality and support throughout the process from design of tooling to a finished product.

BPS’s collaborates with all partners to establish the best design, material tech and process to produce the most cost-effective plastic extrusion custom profile for our customers.  The model provides the opportunity to create a design with help from all sides; including our experienced staff, with years of experience.


From conceptual drawings to finished products, we listen to our clients and make custom extrusion plastic profiles to fit their needs for a final product.

More about BioPlastic Solutions’ Extrusion Services

Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

Bio-Plastic Solution’s January 2019 move to a facility that provides for proper flow, equipment layout and storage, providing a great opportunity for complete customer satisfaction in southern Minnesota, located right on I-35.  BPS has seven full extrusion production lines.  Lines can be dedicated to plastic extrusion output or allocated to custom work.  The lines of 2.5”and 3.5” extruders with state-of-the-art equipment including in-line punch, notch and cut to length equipment.  This is supported with many off-line support services.

Dedicated proprietary lines include cross head extrusion for our snow and horse fence systems, extruding several plastic profiles while applying adhesive, liner and individual boxing of product. Our BioEdge® bio-edgebanding product is primed and ready for hot melt adhesive edgebanding applications that are the industry standard.

Our mission is to form a lasting partnership with our valued customers by understanding their challenges and creating solutions that address their needs. For more than 20 years our team has been providing exceptional service to our regional, national, and international clients.