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Traditional Profile Extrusion


Our team works with you to identify and improve the profile designs and products. Whether starting from scratch or looking to switch suppliers, BioPlastic Solutions can develop, refine, and simplify your process to be the most cost effective and efficient.

Cutting Processes

BPS Extrusion Services can finish products with a variety of cutting processes, including: 

  • -Cut to Length
  • -Drilling & In-Line Punching
  • -Die-Cutting
  • -Notching
  • -Kiss-Cutting
  • -Slitting
  • -Custom Cutting

Extrusion Color Match Services

BPS Extrusion Services offer color matching on rigid and flexible compounds, often at no additional cost to the customer. With a simple color swatch or sample of a current part or material that needs matching, we are able to help from beginning to end.

Identification Printing

Identification marks on products can be crucial to manufacturing efficiency and quality. From an intricate logo, date codes, to customer part numbers, we can provide identification markings that best fit your requirements in a variety of colors.

Warehousing & Packaging

In addition to designing materials and profiles BioPlastic Solutions can specify and order your private label packaging to provide a complete product solution. BioPlastic Solutions also has storage space for rent to help reduce overfill space at your manufacturing or storage locations.