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BioPlastic Solutions Environmentally Friendly Extrusion Services

BioPlastic Solutions is a perfect partner for architects, manufacturers, contractors, and/or companies looking for bio-based materials for green projects. BioPlastics is a solution for LEED Certified project specs and RFP’s requiring renewable, locally sourced materials.

With a wide range of products, services and fully customizable extrusion options for your client’s needs, Bioplastic Solutions can accommodate almost any project large or small for a variety of uses.

What is your green story?

From initial product ideas created from scratch, to making improvements to an existing product or idea, BioPlastic Solutions is the perfect partner to help your business find it’s green story.

Whether searching for bio-based and compostable materials for your project or trying to find a solution in the circular economy, BioPlastic Solutions has years of experience to help serve your needs. We have worked with a wide variety of material providers to help us find the right fit for your ideas to increase materials derived from bio-based components.

We also have extensive experience providing recycled content in both post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams. We aim to provide a zero waste policy for our green projects as well, incorporating any scrap back into the production stream and into your finalized product whenever possible.

Our team works with you to identify and improve the profile designs and products. Whether starting from scratch or looking to switch suppliers, BioPlastic Solutions can develop, refine, and simplify your process to be the most cost effective and efficient.