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Lue Manufacturing Finds BioBest® the Perfect Fit for Green Materials

Lue Manufacturing is known for their high-end custom cabinetry, as well as their ability to design according to architect specifications. When an architect they were working with specified green materials in an upcoming project, Lue Manufacturing teamed up with BioPlastic Solutions to use their BioEdge® edgebanding in a commercial application. Lue Manufacturing used the BioEdge® product in the custom cabinetry designed a healthcare facility. Once the project was complete, Lue Manufacturing’s client was very pleased and scheduled a subsequent similar project in the coming months!

“BioPlastic Solutions is very responsive to our needs”, explains Matt of Lue Manufacturing. When we were short on materials in our first order, they rushed to produce more edgebanding and get it to us in less than a week so we could complete our project on time. This kind of response time and accommodating customer service is greatly appreciated.”

“BioPlastic Solutions is very responsive to our needs.”

In addition to BioPlastic Solutions providing BioBest® green materials, they are also assisting Lue Manufacturing with a custom color matching project. BioPlastic Solutions are custom matching edgebanding to existing cabinetry colors, assisting in ways that contribute to Lue Manufacturing’s long standing tradition of producing fine custom made counter tops, cabinetry, and case work.

Founded in 1970, Lue Manufacturing is a second generation business that specializes in fine residential and commercial custom work as seen in their gallery. With a variety of surfaces and cabinetry, Lue Manufacturing can help bring your vision into a custom made possibility.

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