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Baltix Sustainable Furniture Trusts BioPlastic Solutions

When Baltix, maker of “Abnormally Green Furniture” went looking for the greenest material possible to use for edgebanding in the manufacturing of their sustainable commercial furniture, they found BioPlastic Solutions to be a perfect fit.

“BioPlastic Solutions is a great company and simply awesome to work with.”

BioPlastic Solutions’ BioEdge® edgebanding product was exactly what Baltix needed to be able to manufacture completely sustainable table tops. “BioEdge® edgebanding was perfect for our story; a story that not only encapsulates sustainability, but also places a priority on high efficiency and minimal waste practices. Finding and using bio-based materials like BioEdge® is an important step toward a more sustainable future, which is what Baltix is all about,” shares Kelly of Baltix.

“We’ve been really happy working with BioPlastic Solutions. Their team is highly responsive and very helpful working with us on custom colors. They are a great company and simply awesome to work with.”

More about Baltix

With one of the more impactful taglines “Abnormally Green Furniture” seen in this industry, Baltix started as a small custom furniture manufacturer in the Twin Cities almost 13 years ago. The company has grown from a Minnesota based local provider of sustainable office solutions to their current coverage model that includes all of the United States and Canada. Their intent is to provide innovative, eco-friendly products to corporate organizations and institutions that have made a commitment to environmental stewardship and a healthier environment for their employees. Additionally, Baltix will intersect with LEED projects that are rapidly expanding across multiple industry sectors across the country. Baltix invites you to evaluate their products that are built green from the ground up and made in the U.S.A. by visiting Baltix Sustainable Furniture online.

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