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Helping an Entrepreneur Bring an Idea to Market

A few years back, entrepreneur and inventor, Greg Amundson had an idea to make caulking projects easier for novice, DIY homeowners. In its early stages, he identified needing a custom extruder partner to help him get his invention of no fuss, EasyCaulk™ on the market. Greg used the Internet to search for a custom extrusion company, but most of the companies he contacted were not interested in working with the product design phase or smaller entrepreneurs.

Custom Extrusion Needed to get New EasyCaulk Product on the Market

When Greg happened upon BioPlastic Solutions online, owner Gary Noble was excited by what he heard about Greg’s prototype and wanted to learn more about the concept. Bioplastic Solutions and Greg’s company, CornerFlex, Inc., began working with each other to perfect the extruded PVC strips needed to complete his product. Greg shared his experience working with BioPlastic Solutions, “Gary is very personable and willing to work with a smaller company like me. He was invested in helping with the R&D process that was needed in order to make progress and to get my product into production and onto the market.”

“I appreciated Gary’s willingness to say ‘yes,’ when other custom extruder companies said ‘no’.”

After debuting his EasyCaulk™ product at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in May of 2015, Greg submitted it for review at QVC. After a solid thumbs up, EasyCaulk™ was featured in one 8 minute QVC time slot on television and exceeded the forecast sales goals within days. Sales were double QVC’s projections, and there is an order of EasyCaulk™ more than two times the initial one on its way to market.

“I appreciated Gary’s willingness to say ‘yes’ when other custom extruder companies said ‘no’. With BioPlastic Solutions partnership, we’re able to bring more products out of the concept phase and send them into production. I recommend BioPlastic Solutions to other companies looking for a custom extruder for any scale project.”

Before EasyCaulk™

After EasyCaulk™

Video of EasyCaulk™ (Utilizing Custom Extrusion PVC Strips)

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