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BioPlastic Solutions Continues Work in Sustainably Sourced Materials

BioPlastic Solutions is happy to continue sourcing some of our bioplastics through Total Corbion and their sugar cane PLA

“With the Bonsucro certification, we now offer our customers the guarantee that the biomass used to produce PLA was grown supporting the principles of sustainable agriculture”. 

In BioPlastic Solutions ongoing search for sustainably sourced materials we are proud to offer materials certified for fair treatment of employees and sustainable processes throughout the supply chain all the way from the field to the mill. This PLA is used in a number of our proprietary and patented recipes on a variety of projects helping our clients with alternatives to PVC in an atmosphere of rapidly growing request for such products. Contact BPS for any projects that are looking for a green story and sustainably sourced, eco friendly, compostable/biodegradable materials.

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